How do improved school buildings contribute to student achievement?

Modern school buildings have been found to contribute to student achievement in several ways:

  • They provide light, acoustics, and air quality that directly impact learning.
  • They offer inviting spaces that emanate a sense of warmth and community that enhances student self-belief and desire to be in school.
  • They provide technology that optimizes instruction and prepares students for today’s workplace.
  • They have spaces that best promote teaching and other key skills such as collaboration, creativity, and problem solving. 
  • They communicate to children that their community values education.
  • They are built to maximize student security and safety in today’s unpredictable world. When students know they are in a safe space, they can better focus on learning.  

Why should I support this tax if I don’t have children or grandchildren attending public schools?

Public education impacts everyone. It results in higher incomes, better jobs, rising property values and a healthy economy. Today’s students are your doctors, nurses, engineers, and technicians of tomorrow.  Our parents, grandparents, and neighbors paid for education for each of us. Investing in the next generation is a time honored American value. Specifically, new and improved school buildings will:​

  • make our community more desirable for current and future residents,
  • have a positive impact on property values, and
  • send a positive message to future businesses that Halifax County values education (education and workforce preparation are among the most important variables in attracting new jobs).

What is the specific plan for school construction of the high school?

The high school needs major improvements to meet the current and future needs of our students. Whether the construction is for a new or substantially renovated facility, the county will need the sales tax revenue in any scenario. The county leadership is reviewing the data and funding options to determine the best course of action should the referendum pass. The final plan will be based on building a consensus with the community after residents have an opportunity to review the various options. 

Will the county increase real estate taxes to pay for a new or renovated high school?

The referendum in November only applies to the sales tax and does not involve real estate taxes. There are no present plans to increase property taxes. 

What are the implications of the additional sales tax?

Sales tax has less burden on our residents. Approximately 20% of sales tax collected will be paid by visitors to our county. This is one of the important benefits of the sales tax. People not living in the county will support our school construction whenever they make purchases within the county. 

What can the funds be used for?

All proceeds must be used for school construction. The state law authorizing the referendum requires all funds to be dedicated for school construction. No exceptions. 

What will be taxed?

The referendum in November only applies to the sales tax and does not involve real estate taxes. For items, consumers have been paying 5.3%, they will now pay 6.3%. This sales tax does not apply to groceries, medications, or automobile purchases.

How long will we pay the 1% sales tax?

The tax is applied only during the bonding period – then expires. 

What question will voters see on the ballot regarding the 1% sales tax for education?

Should Halifax County be authorized to levy a general retail sales tax at a rate not to exceed one percent (1%), provided the revenue from the sales tax shall be used solely for capital projects for the construction or renovation of schools in Halifax County and that the sales tax shall expire by September 30, 2051?

[  ] Yes

[  ] No

What if we vote no?

Life safety systems, such as fire alarms and sprinklers, will be a priority. Plumbing, HVAC, and electrical equipment are at the end of their useful life. We will spend nearly $32 million to replace the existing HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems and become ADA complaint. $30 million is equivalent to a $.05 increase in real estate taxes.